Easter Holiday: What Better Way to Celebrate It with the Elderly?


Do you have some ideas on what to do during the Easter holiday with your elderly loved one? You can actually take this coming holiday as another opportunity to have fun, eat delicious food, and spend quality time with them. Make it extra special for the seniors by doing things that are exciting. You can even invite some friends over.

Covenant Premium Senior Care, a Senior Care in Richmond, Texas will help you identify some fun holiday-related activities you might want to consider for the seniors this coming Easter:

Do arts & crafts

Seniors like to give a helping hand in doing hands-on projects that involve decorations and preparations. However, you have to keep the tasks easy and simple for them. As much as possible, have them stay away from anything sharp or dangerous.

Since Easter is coming, you may want to assign them in decorating and organizing Easter baskets as part of the preparation. The truth of the matter is – seniors love it when they feel like they have contributed something to the family. Aside from that, it is a good opportunity for the seniors to spend time with their children and grandchildren.

Attend church together

It is very common for seniors to attend a local church service during Easter. If they show interest in doing this, make sure you accompany them in going there. Seniors usually like this habit since people of their age are accustomed to doing this. Perhaps your elderly loved one just likes to see old faces in church or just want to hear the choir singing a good melody.

We actually believe that by doing this, you help improve the emotional aspect of the person – more so if the entire family chooses to attend the local church service together.

Surprise them with gifts

For some families, giving gifts during Easter is a tradition. Whether gift giving is a tradition to your family or not, it is best to consider surprising your elderly loved one with something special during the holiday. Aside from spending quality time with them and doing all sorts of fun activities, this mere gesture touches their heart and can enhance their sense of well-being.

You can think of many ways to surprise them! If you want to try something different, you may want to consider giving them balloons. You are free to be creative as much as you want to prove to your elderly loved ones that they are loved and always being thought of.

Throw them a party

What a great way to think about creative Easter games and party ideas for your elderly loved one. For sure, these fun activities would create wonderful memories for them to cherish.

Discuss the matter with your family and agree on the things that need to be prepared. You may want to make the party colorful, depending on the preferences of your elderly loved one. Make sure that you prepare his or her favorite food and play classic music during the party.

It would be great if everything is planned out for a wonderful and unforgettable party during the holiday. Since you are throwing it on Easter holiday, why not make everything colorful? Provide colorful games, colorful decors, and more. You can even have friendly competition games for the guests, especially for the seniors invited. That would be a lot of fun!

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