Fall Prevention Tips: Keep Your Seniors Safe at Home

Fall Prevention Tips: Keep Your Seniors Safe at Home

Falling is one of the most common accidents that seniors deal each day. You might think that falling is not that serious but, you’re absolutely wrong. In fact, a lot of falling accidents have led to death or other serious injuries. Hence, if you’re living with a senior at home, make sure to keep him safe.

Follow these fall prevention tips from Covenant Premium Senior Care:

  • Clean cluttered things on the floor – the floor should be free from obstacles or objects as seniors might trip and fall if they step on it. You can avoid such circumstance by regularly cleaning the home, especially the floor.
  • Organize furniture and appliances well – make sure to provide enough space for the seniors to pass through without obstructions from furniture or appliances. Also make sure to tuck the electrical wires safely, away from the walkway as it may cause an accident.
  • Install handrails or grab-bars – installing grab bars and handrails is also a good way to prevent or lessen the instances of falling. Install these support rails in areas where seniors usually go, such as bathroom, walkways, stairs, kitchen, and others.
  • Have proper lighting – during night time, seniors may find it hard to see due to blurred vision. This can cause the falling and other related accidents. Hence, make sure to install proper lighting in every room at home.
  • Provide comfortable footwear – what the seniors wear can significantly impact their balance and the way they walk. Ensure to give seniors the most comfortable footwear. Avoid buying footwear which is too tight or too loose. Choose the size that best suits with the senior’s feet.
  • Seek regular checkup – a regular visit to the physician is a good way to keep health problems at bay as the physician can regularly monitor the senior’s health – prevention and early detection of possible illnesses. This can help in preventing or reducing fall possibilities as the physician can also do regular vision test to see if the senior can still see well.
  • Exercise regularly – exercising provides several benefits to the body, whether you’re an adult, child, or senior. It regulates blood flow, strengthens muscles and bones which can significantly improve balance. Thus, reducing fall accidents.
  • Observe proper nutrition – eating nutritious food is a good way to keep the body healthy and keep illnesses at bay. When the senior is healthy, then fall possibilities are unlikely.

If you are looking for the most reliable Senior Care in Richmond, Texas, choose Covenant Premium Senior Care. It is our primary goal to make every senior experience comfortable, happy, safe, healthy, and quality life.

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