How to Celebrate Mother’s Day with your Aging Mom


Mother’s Day is the celebration of your relationship with your mom and because it is approaching, you should start planning for the celebration. Often, seniors appreciate the time they can spend with their family. A visit or call from her kids will surely be a gift no material thing can ever replace the significance of.

Being there for your mom on Mother’s Day making a homemade brunch or taking a walk in the park with her will be quite fulfilling. In case a visit is not possible due to the distance, video calling with her will make a difference in her day. To honor your aging mother on this special day, Covenant Premium Senior Care offers the following ideas:

Pick a Time to Celebrate that is Convenient for Her

If your mother has Alzheimer’s, she may also be suffering from sundowner’s syndrome. This condition makes her less docile if the sun goes down. So consider having the celebration earlier in the day.

Pamper Her

If your mom enjoys getting her hair done, make an appointment with her hairdresser. Give her a relaxing bath or schedule a manicure. If your mother has no mobility problems, take her to a local spa. She deserves to be treated like a queen on her special day.

Involve the Grandchildren

Ensure that your mom’s grandchildren stop by for a visit on this special day. If the kids are young, let them sing her a song or show to their grandma what they have learned in school. Older grandkids can give grandma her favorite treats or some personalized gifts.

Give Her Gifts that Stimulate her Brain and Memory

Seniors tend to have a declining cognitive function and those with dementia have lost their memory. A game or gift can offer stimulation to their memory and mind.

Plan Activities that She Can Join

A lot of seniors love to sing or listen to songs of their time. So to lift your mom’s spirit on Mother’s Day, don’t forget to play her favorite old-time songs. Also, activities she may be able to take part in includes cooking or playing board games with you.

Take Her to a Dinner Date

Although preparing a special meal at home is a great idea, taking your mom out for dinner allows her to see the world beyond the walls that may have been isolating her. Take her to her favorite restaurant on Mother’s Day. Avoid waiting in line by making early reservations. Also, ensure you check accessibility ahead of time including restrooms.

Revisit Happy Memories

When at home, spend time looking at family photo albums and sharing memories of vacations, important occasions and special events with her.

If you have a Mother’s Day idea for something you wish to do for your mother, share with us. Call us at 1-281-394-9217. As a provider of Senior Care in Richmond, Texas, we will be more than happy to help you plan.

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